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Energy-Efficient Options

For existing pools, there are a number of energy-efficient options that we offer. The first and the biggest is changing your pump from a single speed to either a two or variable speed. The biggest savings would be to use a variable-speed pump. Most one- and two-speed pumps are only 60 percent efficient, whereas the variable-speed pumps we install are 90 percent efficient and can typically cut energy use by 30 percent to 90 percent. GRU customers can receive a rebate for switching to a variable-speed pump.

Replacing your standard pool light with an LED light can save 90% on power consumption.

Check out the links provided for cost comparisons for the variable speed pumps.

Variable-Speed Pumps

Fun State Pool Service is proud to be a Partnering Contract with GRU. There are a few options for making your pool pump more efficient. We can upgrade your current pump to a two speed, replace your complete pump with a two-speed pump or replace your pump with a variable-speed or variable-flow pump. The following information is a comparison of the motors/pumps and their energy consumption based on the conditions listed below:

  • The 1 hp 240 Volt Single Speed Pumps set to run 10 hours per day typically uses 15.8 kWh/day which is 5767 kWh/year at a cost of $.15 per kWh has an annual cost to operate of $865.05.
  • The 1 hp 240 Volt Two Speed Pump set to run 10 hours per day, eight hours on low and two hours on high, typically uses 12.7 kWh/day which is 4636 kWh/year at a cost of $.15 per kWh has an annual cost to operate of $695.40, which is a savings of $169.65 per year.
  • The 240 Volt Variable Speed or Variable Flow pump set to 10 hours per day typically uses 2.1 kWh/day which is 767 kWh/year at a cost of $.15 per kWh has an annual cost to operate of $115.05, which is a savings of $750.00 per year.

Please note that the above calculations were based on a 15,000-gallon pool and the actual savings may vary. The data provided is for informational purposes and is not a guarantee of actual savings.

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LED pool lights use 90 percent less electricity than the standard 400W incandescent pool lights. The LED lights pictured are screw in replacements for most standard incandescent in ground pool light bulbs. They are available for pool and spa lights and can be synchronized for multiple light installations.

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